Friday, 30 May 2014

How To Resume Youtube Videos From Last Played Time

If you leave a video on Youtube without finishing it and later decides to watch it again then it starts streaming for the beginning. This not only wastes you internet bandwidth but also leaves with you the headache of finding the exact spot from where you left the video.

Well if you no longer want to go through all this then read the below tutorial and next time you watch a video again then it will automatically resume from the exact spot where you left it.

This needs firefox browser so, it will work on all major operating systems including linux, mac and windows (98, XP, Vista, windows 7 and 8).

Below is the Step by Step Tutorial to Resume Youtube Videos

  •     Open Firefox browser and visit Mozzila addons page at
  •     Now search Video Resumer. Install this addon. It doesn’t require restart and will become active as soon as the installation completes (Direct Link: )
  •     Now open any Youtube video.

    Let the video stream for few seconds and then close the browser.
    Now open the same video again and it will resume from the point where you left....
That's it!! Enjoy.. If any queries comment below... I will be right here ;)

Monday, 26 May 2014

Government makes online applications mandatory for business in Uttar Pradesh

The Uttar Pradesh government on Tuesday announced that May 1 onwards, all applications for setting up industrial enterprises in the state would have to be submitted online.

No application moved manually would be accepted, an official said. The step, he added, is aimed at reducing human interference in the process of issuance of clearances to industries.

The official said a government order has been already issued to this effect, telling entrepreneurs desirous of setting up industrial unit under small, micro and major categories to file their applications for obtaining approvals, clearances, no-objection certificates online from May....

Infrastructure and Industrial Development Commissioner Alok Ranjan said: "All government departments under the ambit of Nivesh Mitra will have to accept applications submitted online exclusively."

He added that the move would make the process more transparent as human subjectivity and discretion would be mitigated to a great extent.

Under the proposed monitoring mechanism, district magistrates will be provided access to Nivesh Mitra website to monitor the clearance progress at the district level whereas Udyog Bandhu will monitor it at the state level.

Allaying possibility of some entrepreneurs not being able to file applications online due to any reason, officials said help desks at district industry centres would be strengthened.

Officer incharge of Nivesh Mitra at Udyog Bandhu also said that in 2013-14 till now, a total 1,784 applications were received through Nivesh Mitra. Of these, 1,334 applications were cleared, 39 have been rejected while the remaining are under review.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Facebook launches FB Newswire for social newsies

Facebook, looking to provide more valuable news information, is providing a new tool that will post real-time content related to the day's news.

On Thursday the company announced the launch of FB Newswire -- a tool for journalists and newsrooms to find, share and embed newsworthy content from Facebook in the media they produce, Facebook said.

FB Newswire will be powered on the back end by Storyful, a company that monitors activity across the social Web and works with other news outlets to help them source stories. Storyful incorporates some form of verification into its technology. "Our global team of journalists source, date and geolocate everything, and add uploader contact details to every story," according to its website.

Storyfuls discovery technology and editorial team will verify and curate the best public posts from Facebook in real time, across a number of categories like news, entertainment, viral, sports, weather, lifestyle, and celebrity, Facebook said.

The feature is available to anyone, but its intended audience is journalists and newsrooms, Facebook said.

So ostensibly the stories that Facebook surfaces through its new tool won't just be regular posts from everyday users.

Still, FB Newswire will only be as useful as the content already posted on Facebook. The tool will aggregate content shared publicly on Facebook, which will include original photos, videos and status updates, the company said, "posted by people on the front lines of major events like protests, elections and sporting events."

With more than 1 billion monthly active users, Facebook is by far the world's largest social network, though it still lags behind Twitter as a source for real-time breaking news.

To become better in the area of news, Facebook recently introduced a trending feature that displays hotly discussed topics, and has also tweaked its news feed algorithm to more prominently display news articles from media outlets.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Facebook developing its own video-chat app 'Slingshot' to rival Snapchat: Report

Facebook Inc is developing its own video-chat app, known internally as Slingshot, after its failed attempt to acquire mobile messaging startup Snapchat, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.
Facebook has been working for several months on the planned video-chat app, which would allow users to send short video messages using a touchscreen, the FT said, citing people familiar with its plans.
Slingshot could be launched this month, the paper cited one source as saying, while noting that Facebook might ultimately decide not to proceed with the launch of the app.

Facebook has been working for several months on the planned video-chat app, which would allow users to send short video messages.

Facebook has been working for several months on the planned video-chat app, which would allow users to send short video messages.

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has been overseeing the "top-secret" project after the social network company was unable to win Snapchat's creators, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, with its $3 billion takeover offer late last year, the FT said.
Snapchat, popular among teenagers, allows users to send smartphone photos that automatically disappear after a few seconds.

Get access to Super User account in Windows

We face a lot of problems due to restricted access in windows. Today I show you how you can get super user access. This is pretty easy and takes less then few seconds...

Step 1: Go to start menu and open run

Step 2: Type net user administrator /active:yes

Step 3: Log off or switch user

Step 4: You will see a new account. Log in and you are done...

Comment below or mail me if you face any problem...

Friday, 16 May 2014

Converting Hard Disk From MBR To GPT Without DATA LOSS

I was installing Windows 8.1 and it prompted me, it can't be installed on a MBR stated partition disk, It can only be installed on a GPT partition disk. So, Ultimately I had to change the partition state to GPT.  

There are many methods out there in the internet to convert but many cause the whole partition to be CLEANED and than changed to GPT. 

I am providing you a very simple technique to convert your MBR disk to GPT disk by using a software known as MINI TOOL PARTITION WIZARD.

You have to download the HOME VERSION as it is freeware. Select the whole hard disk you want to convert to GPT and on the left hand side you can see the OPERATIONS tab, Click on it and select CONVERT MBR to GPT, You're Done! Without formatting the whole DISK or data loss. 

Any queries comment below and I will solve it.



How To Stop False Rumours From Spreading On Facebook - Twitter

 Social networking websites can add fire to the fuel of a false rumour. Simply updating Facebook or Twitter pages may not be enough for organisations concerned with public safety to halt the spread of such rumours, a joint study by Facebook and Stanford University in the US indicated.
-Such organisations should make an extra effort to find some of the most shared posts promoting untrue rumour and comment there too, the study showed.
-When people can see that a credible source has debunked the rumour, they would start taking such stories with a grain of salt.
The sheer convenience of sharing stories make social networking websites vulnerable to being a potential platform for spreading rumours.
The researchers, however, found that true rumours spread faster than false rumours on Facebook.
While true rumours get on average 163 shares per post, false rumours get an average of 108 shares per upload.
What should make public bodies even more concerned was the findings that a dormant rumour can resurface even after weeks and months.
For the study, the researchers tracked thousands of rumours through a website documenting urban legends and examined how they spread on Facebook.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

WIFI Connecting Problem (Obtaining IP Address LOOP - SOLVED)

This is a very serious problem I came to know about and faced this issue many a times. Today I told myself that THIS ISSUE is gonna be sorted out. Yesterday in my laptop I was using 3G with modem and than I created a WIFI Hotspot in my laptop and tried connecting my Android to it, and guess what it was stuck at obtaining IP Address, I tried everything to get it sorted out but was not able to make it happen, I tried all the tutorials listed on the NET, BUT Failure!

So, I came up a solution by myself, experimenting 2 long hours and here how you can do it.

It doesn't matter what encryption you have configured in your WIFI, all the problem is in your android smartphone.

You have set the WIFI Hotspot in your computer,laptop etc then proceed to the steps listed below =>

1. Your android phone must be rooted to have this work, if not rooted, root your phone now!

2. Using your favorite File explorer which has root permissions go to=> /system/etc/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-hooks/

3. You will find some files out there you just have to set their FILE Permission to EXECUTE by Owner,Group and Others.

4. That's it! Your done! Now turn your WIFI off and on again and connect to the desired WIFI Network. Don't be surprised that you get it connected. 

I have tested it and its working 200% :)

Having problems? Comment below and it will get sorted out.



Monday, 12 May 2014



Noom Walk is a pedometer that counts your steps all the time without killing your battery:
✔ Automatically counts steps, 24/7
✔ Uses less than 2% of your battery (During a full 24 hours of use, Noom Walk uses the same amount of battery as 20 minutes of screen display or just 3 minutes of GPS.)
✔ Motivates you and your friends with comments & high fives
✔ 100% free, no external hardware required
Noom Walk is the best pedometer available for the Android platform. It counts your steps and lets you know when you've reached daily step count records. You'll be notified when new friends join, and you can always visit their profiles to encourage them with high fives and comments.
We'd love to hear from you!
For more info:
To report bugs or request features:
Q: How can Noom Walk count all the time without killing battery?
A: Noom Walk doesn't use GPS like most pedometers (which need to be turned on and off all the time in order to conserve battery life). The app relies on low-battery-drain sensors and smart algorithms to pick up your movements in the background, all day, every day. This allows it to use less power than competitors, like Accupedo.
Q: Is Noom Walk compatible with Noom Weight Loss Coach?
A: It's 100% compatible and works seamlessly -- your phone counts the steps once, but they are shared between the two apps. For best results, make sure you have the latest version of Noom Weight Loss Coach.
Q: Do I need to wear a device?
A: Nope! Noom Walk works with the smartphone you already own and requires no additional equipment at all (unlike Nike+ or FitBit). It even works with tablets!
Q: How can I interact with my friends on Noom Walk?
A: Once you've connected to Google+ or Facebook, Noom Walk will automatically show all of your friends who are also using Noom Walk. You can click on their names to visit their profiles, and you can high five different step counts: daily, weekly, all-time, and record days.
Q: I don't have/want to connect Google+ or Facebook. Is there another way to add friends?
A: Of course! You can create an account using just your email address, and connect with friends using their email addresses.
Q: What if I don't want to use Noom Walk's social pedometer features?
A: Noom Walk works as a great standalone pedometer application, too. If you want to be 100% invisible, just switch Noom Walk into private mode and it won't upload any information at all.

Friday, 9 May 2014



 Sick of slow internet connection in your mobile?Relief is on the way as TRAI is soon fixing the minimum download speed,provided by the telecom service providers.

"The Authority (TRAI) has been receiving a number of complaints from consumers regarding the poor download speed experienced by them. The Authority after examining the issue felt that there is now a need to maintain the 'minimum download speed' for the wireless data services," TRAI said in its latest consultation process. 

3G operators promise mobile Internet speed in the range of 7.1 megabit per second (mbps) to 21 mbps. At 7.1 mbps speed, a mobile user should be able to download a full-length movie in around 12-14 minutes.

But invariable, it takes around 40 minutes to download a file size equivalent to that of a movie on the best network.

The minimum speed reported by operators to TRAI lies in the range of 399 kbps (minimum broadband speed is 512 kbps) to 2.48 Mbps.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has found the minimum speed delivered by operators doesn't even qualify to be called broadband.

The wireless data services include mobile internet and broadband services like 2G, 3G and those offered using dongles.

The regulator is of the view that the minimum download speed for 3G and CDMA EVDO service should be 1 megabit per second with 95 per cent success rate. For GSM and CDMA 2G the minimum speed should be at 56 kilo/bit per second and for CDMA high speed data it is 512 kbps.

TRAI has bought public views on its consultation by May 5 and counter comments on it by May 12.

Using EXT SD Card As Internal Storage


Hey Guyz!! I saw many people facing this issue of having a low Internal Storage capacity in their Android phone, because of this problem you all might be having issues while playing games that require a large amount of free storage, or the apps you are unable to use because the internal storage is full.. These issue is common in Cyanogen ROMs.. Do not worry as I am here with a trick for you to change your Internal Storage to EXT SD Card as default.. So, you would get a lot of space for playing games and installing applications of your choice dependent upon the storage of your SD Card. You don't need any applications like LINK TO SD or anything like these softwares to make this happen, This makes the article worth reading.

I would suggest you all to use atleast 8GB of external sd card (You can use more)  of class 10 as it has more read/write speeds but class 4 will also do that for you. So, You need these things to get over this topic, just follow..

1. A Rooted Android Phone (of low internal memory :) Yes your phone should be rooted for this to work.

2. A Micro SD Card.

3. A Root Explorer App with read/write permissons. (I use File Manager with root permissions)

Here are the Steps =>

1. You should firstly format your SD Card to NTFS Filesystem.

(This step is actually not needed for all, as NTFS is not supported by many KERNELS, you can continue with your SD Cards as it is)

2. Use your Root explorer as R/O and R/W and navigate to root folder of your phone and go to /etc 

3. Find this file vold.fstab, open it with text editor and change these lines as shown and save it.

 dev_mount flash /mnt/sdcard auto /devices/virtual/mtd/mtd9/mtdblock9
dev_mount sdcard /mnt/external_sd auto /devices/platform/rk29_sdmmc.0/mmc_host/mmc0 


 dev_mount flash /mnt/external_sd auto /devices/virtual/mtd/mtd9/mtdblock9
dev_mount sdcard /mnt/sdcard auto /devices/platform/rk29_sdmmc.0/mmc_host/mmc0 

NOTE: You might find in some android phones that instead of sdcard there might be written something else like STORAGE or anything, So use your Brains to edit the file.

4. Save the file, put in the SD Card Card and restart your phone. 

5.Check storage property in settings => storage. You should see your phone has size of  your external sd card, and SD CARD with size of internal memory.

6. Just RELAX coz your done, and enjoy the games and apps :)

 Having problems following this guide comment below to let me clarify you :)



Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Cutting Sim Card-Micro Sim (Home Made)

Hello Geeks! Today I'm gonna show you all how to cut your MINI SIM Card to Micro Sim card in a traditional home made style. Systematically a SIM has these dimensions. Just as shown in the picture below.
The thing is that the data of the SIM exist in the CHIP which can be seen in YELLOW in the above Image. So, We don't need any side Plastic Plates, do we? So, Lets make it simple for you, I've already tried this method and currently using that SIM in my Smartphone and it is working flawlessly. I would recommend to use very SHARP scissors,so that,while cutting the SIM,the chip doesn't get damaged and the shape will also be very eye catchy. 

Use a Measuring Scale to measure the SIM dimensions, mark the points as shown and cut it down! After cutting it will look something like this..While the other parts which are cut, will look like the picture below.

That's It! You're Done, Have Any Questions? Comment Below To Let Me Know.  




Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Subway surfers is reaching new heights daily, with new expansions and add-on packs coming out in a blaze. As it is getting more new characters and cool cities into the game, it will become exciting for players to play the game, especially new players who don’t know squat about it. So without further ado, if you’re a Subway Surfers novice, here is a complete list all the best Subway Surfers Tips and Tricks for Android users to aid you in your sliding quest.

    Subway Surfers on your Android Device, duh!

    Cheat Files, download here.
    PC with USB Cable for connectivity.

How to Apply Cheat to Subway Surfers Android

Once downloaded the zip file extract it and you will have three files which you have to copy it to your device under the folder Android>data>com.kiloo.subwaysurf . Now on your device navigate to settings>Apps>subway surfers> hit the clear data. Now start the game you should be getting unlimited coins. If that doesn’t work, read this to help getting the cheats to work.

More Tips and Tricks for the Rescue

If the above trick does not work for you then follow the below steps and you will be a pro subway surfer. This is not a cheat but a trick to play wisely, this is for the hard work players.

    You can purchase hoverboards from the store by paying up coins. When you running for a long time and you think you are going to die in no time, then just call in the Hoverboard by tapping twice on the screen and you will get hoverboard activated and now when you crash anywhere you will be given a new life. By this method you are saving the keys which can be used when no coins are left.

    Increase the limit of the power-ups so that they have longer validity time. This can be done in store by paying the coins. I would personally suggest you to upgrade the magnet and jetpack as these are the best power-ups which will fetch you more coins.
    Make sure you spend most of the time over the trains so that you are minimizing the chances of getting hit by trains.
    You have to complete the daily challenges which are given my Kiloo, because this will increase your earnings.
    If you have got multiplier 30 then go ahead and complete the extra missions for a mystery surprise. You can easily achieve x30 by daily playing.
    If you think that you need more coins then you can shell out some money from your own pocket using your credit card and use those coins for getting more power-ups which can help you unlock more characters and add-ons which can be useful for the gameplay.

Final Note

Subway Surfers is a very addictive game and everyone plays this game for hours daily. Once you become addicted you will start becoming a great player regardless of using cheats. So maybe ask yourself if you want to go the cheats route, or coming a Subway Surfers Ninja on your own. Happy sliding..

Monday, 5 May 2014

Great use of technology......

A great work done by two students  from Vadodara Parul group of institute .. They developed a application  which the use of application  is that we don't have to carry licence  and RC   book our mobile will be our licence .. awesome application...

 Now is depend on R.T.O they accept this or not!!!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Android 5.0

Today we talk about the next version of the famous mobile operating system android 5.0 (or may be 4.x)
What will it be named ?
we were almost certain that it will be key lime pie with 'k' but it turned out to be kitkat .
This time we have got a few options for the nomenclature of the next android (few are here because of google's recent tie up with nestle
2.lion (the nestle choclate bar)
3.lime pie

Key Features
1. New interface is expected
A new-look interface for the next version of Android has been leaked. It’s known as Moonshine, and it sees normal Android phones take on the look the Nexus 5 adopted with its Google Experience Interface.
A new-look interface for the next version of Android has been leaked. It’s known as Moonshine, and it sees normal Android phones take on the look the Nexus 5 adopted with its Google Experience Interface.
A new-look interface for the next version of Android has been leaked. It’s known as Moonshine, and it sees normal Android phones take on the look the Nexus 5 adopted with its Google Experience Interface.
2. Android is going 64 bit

 Release Date 
To be announced
but it is expected to be officially revealed on 25 June at Google I/O.